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Artist and Russian native, Bad-Roc was born in Uljanovsk, Russia.

Motivated by the poor quality of life and the violence in the city he was born and living in, he began to write ...his first lyrics in the year 2000.


He would give the world a peak into the life and the things he has been through. With a driving goal to change and create a better life for his family, he started to work hard on his music career..





Record Label




1 Million Streams

In 2013 Bad-Roc & The Italian Music Manager- Producer Angelo Robert "RD23" Calchera worked on a Deal, a Record label with the focused to support artist.


June 2020 Rédéle an Innovative and Cool Sunglasses Company from Belluno Italy, signed a Contract with Bad-Roc as Ambassador of the brand and be part of the future Limited Edition eyewear models.


June 2021 Bad-Roc began to write, "Bla Bla",' available soon July 24th on all major music and streaming portal sites. He kicked off 2020 -21 reaching out 1 Million Streams World wide with the release of "In The Vein." and now his latest,"Bla Bla." Each song is as great as the last and showcases the Russian rapper's Approach to Rapping.


My story

I was born in Russia in the city Uljanowsk which is also the birthplace of the revolutionary W. Lenin.

I grew up in poor circumstances where we didn't have a lot, because of this desperation my father used to drink a lot and that was a reason why our life was also shaped by domestic violence.

When i was 7 we moved to Germany to get a better quality of life but this didn't work out that well. My father still used to drink and the fact that the russians beat the germans in the war, we had to deal with a lot of racism in germany back then.

When i was 9 my brother started to take drugs and also took part in domestic violence while my parents weren't at home.My mother and father divorced when i was 12 because of the mentioned problems.

So while i grew up dealing with domestic violence, a drinking father, drug addicted brother and see my poor my mother go through all of this pain, too.

I had to be strong and couldn't express my real feeling to the world, listened a lot to hip hop/Rap and found myself in it because i found a way to express my feelings through music.

I started to write my first lyrics when i was 12 and learned everything by myself piece by piece.

One day i swore to myself that i will be able to help my mother to get out of this bad quality of life.

When i was 15 i started to work out, go to the gym and doing different types of fighting sports (boxing, Muay Thai, jiu jitsu and combined as MMA) because i also swore myself that nobody will ever hurt my mother again.


I created an own recording studio at home and started to record my first songs, i got better and better from one song to another.


Another big fall came when i was 18, I came home from work and my Studio was broken my brother and his Girlfriend packed all my stuff in trash bags and said i have to move out because they expect a child and want to create a childs room.

So from then on i had to move to my mother for some weeks, sleep on her couch, found my own flat and used to record my songs there in a living room while i was working in burger king for a minimum wage.

I started to sell drugs to be able to pay all my bills but one day when i got caught i quitted, i had some luck on the verdict and didn't have to go to jail.After all this downfalls i was still fighting for a better job and working on my music career and paying the huge penalty i got from this verdict.

When i got back on my feet i emailed an Music label i found through the internet, it was Kame inc. Records (now Santony Records) the label of my best friend and manager Angelo.

We met and since then it was clear we will work together because we have the same energy to strive for success and the will to do so. Since then it's "bad boys for life, we ride together we die together".

We recorded my first professional song Whiteboy Fresh then, it was a great party song that i still love to listen to. 

We struggled but we managed to grow the label and as we saw that we have the same energy and take the same effort we founded the label Santony Records that we both run together now.


A very high level Marketing specialist and a very high level PR specialist that joined our team lately makes us all in all a very powerfull team now that i am realy glad of. After all that i just want to spread my music with a good vibe and bring music to people that they can dance to and having fun to. Because i want to make people happy and make them smile so if they maybe went through the same things as i did, they are able to forget about it and smile again. 


Latin music makes me feel exact that way because i think there is a lot of poor circumstances as in russia and we can all together just get out of it having fun and dance together. 

Because of that connection i started to make this type of music to make the people laugh, smile and enjoy their life. This type of music makes me happy, i love the latin countries, love the positivity, love the way the people are and that's why i want to spread it all over the world.

We reached so many things together already like, our first 100k streams on the Song Whiteboy Fresh, then our first 250k Streams on the Song Reckless, had a featuring with a Wu-Tang artist, reached 500k with the Song "In the Vein" that also reached 1 Million streams after that. 

Last year we had a promotion deal with the sunglasses company Redele from italy where we got 12 sunglasses and promoted them with a special sell code "BAD-ROC".

We were mentioned in a press release last year for the Track "In the Vein" and were mentioned this year in a press release with the Song "Bla Bla" that also reached over 350k streams already.

Now we are working on a collaboration with Joao and much more...

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